快速赛车开奖app: Turn Up the Volume With Facetune2

Facetune by Nicola Formichetti

快速赛车是不是全国统一开奖的 www.txeqhf.tw Who knew that you could edit high fashion photos on... Facetune? World-renowned designer Nicola Formichetti teamed up with Facetune2 to not only edit these photos, but create brand new looks. With only his phone, Nicola reached professional-level retouching results using classic Facetune2 features like Reshape, Patch, Paint, Light FX and Structure to brighten tones, elongate body parts, switch up hairstyles and create new, intensified clothes.

In the spirit of PAPER's Extreme Issue, we encourage you to push limits. You don't have to master a complicated program to transform your images into something new. Apps like Facetune2 let you manipulate images easily, bring your creative vision to fruition, and elevate photos from basic to something beyond.

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